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Our Clients
23 August 2013

I like your Russian Nesting Dolls! Have bought 3 more

Wiwik Wiwik
23 August 2013
Tri Ambar L.
Tri Ambar L.
20 August 2013

Like Matryoshka so much! So cute!=)read more

Tri Ambar L. Tri Ambar L.
20 August 2013
Lani Christiani
Lani Christiani
15 August 2013

I really like your traditional and unique dolls! Would be also nice to see traditional Russian Home Accessories in your more

Lani Christiani Lani Christiani
15 August 2013
Wonderful Russia
Matryoshka - Soul Of Russia

At one time or another, most of us have been fascinated with the colorfully painted matryoshka (ma-TRYOSH-ka; plural ma-TRYOSH-kee) or nesting dolls. They come in a variety of sizes, characters and number of dolls nested one inside the other. How did the matryoshka come to be and why?read more

Festival Film Muslim Internasional Ke-10 Ungkap Sisi Kehidupan Muslim di Dunia

Baru-baru ini, kota Kazan menyelenggarakan Festival Film Muslim Internasional ke-10. Festival tersebut ditujukan untuk menaikkan gengsi kota Kazan di mata dunia more

Matryoshka cruise around Russia.

Russia is the largest in the world and one can be sure that there are plenty places to visit in such a vast territory. Here we will introduce you with the most interesting places and routes in the European part of Russiaread more

The exhibition “Museum of Russian Matryoshka”

The exhibition “Museum of Russian Matryoshka” presents a large group of items of the 20th - 21st century from the Sergiev Posad Museum and private more

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28 January 2013
Achmad Mazadeddy

I've watched the program about your Martyoshka on TV and wanted to come and see it myself. Those dolls are really UNIQUE!

08 January 2013
Aisha Antinadiamanti

Boneka-bonekanya cantik sekali! Qualitynya bagus bangat!

17 December 2012
Ibu Wani

I was passing by and saw these traditional Russian dolls! They are so good, I even bought one for myself!

12 December 2012

Excellent shop! I like classic Matryoshka so much!

09 December 2012
Avianti Latona

I just bought 2 little set and want some more....

05 August 2012

Ingatkah engkau sewaktu kita berkunjung ke sebuah toko unik di Gandaria City? Toko itu memamerkan boneka – boneka dari yang kecil hingga yang paling besar Matryoshka Rusia! Begitulah sebutan untuk boneka itu Lukisan yang indah dan bentuk yang unik dari boneka ala Rusia itu, membuatmu tersenyum Hemm…dapat ku bayangkan kala itu bila raut wajahmu yang dilukiskan Hingga tak akan ada pembeli lain kecuali aku Sampai kini tak pernah ku lupakan perjalanan itu Perjalan menuju cinta Perjalanan menuju Toko Matryoshka Rusia bersama teman – teman dan belahan jiwa :D

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