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Our Clients
Richie Wijaya
Richie Wijaya
12 November 2013

Some dolls are so beautiful like in museum! read more

Richie Wijaya Richie Wijaya
12 November 2013
07 November 2013

Real Russian Dolls! So cool!read more

Pipin Pipin
07 November 2013
Aida Maria Wati
Aida Maria Wati
04 November 2013

Tokonya seperti bagian Rusia di Indonesia. Cantik sekali bonekanya!read more

Aida Maria Wati Aida Maria Wati
04 November 2013
Wonderful Russia
Matryoshka - Soul Of Russia

At one time or another, most of us have been fascinated with the colorfully painted matryoshka (ma-TRYOSH-ka; plural ma-TRYOSH-kee) or nesting dolls. They come in a variety of sizes, characters and number of dolls nested one inside the other. How did the matryoshka come to be and why?read more

Festival Film Muslim Internasional Ke-10 Ungkap Sisi Kehidupan Muslim di Dunia

Baru-baru ini, kota Kazan menyelenggarakan Festival Film Muslim Internasional ke-10. Festival tersebut ditujukan untuk menaikkan gengsi kota Kazan di mata dunia more

Matryoshka cruise around Russia.

Russia is the largest in the world and one can be sure that there are plenty places to visit in such a vast territory. Here we will introduce you with the most interesting places and routes in the European part of Russiaread more

The exhibition “Museum of Russian Matryoshka”

The exhibition “Museum of Russian Matryoshka” presents a large group of items of the 20th - 21st century from the Sergiev Posad Museum and private more

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Awarding event for the contest "Create Your Own Matryoshka"


On the 29 of April we had the final part of the contest “Create your own Matryoshka”. To my mind it was the most surprised one, because we kept in secret what would be the presents for the first 3 places.

New option in our Matryoshka shop!


To make the process of choosing gift easier a lot of shops all over the world create Gift Certificate which gives an opportunity to present something interesting and useful to the person you like.

Poetry Contest


We all love songs! But songs usually consist of two parts: music and lyrics. Our new contest is for those who want to feel themselves like a creator of good lyrics (or a song if you like).



Cerita Valentine’s Day antara Michael dan Herlina sangatlah bagus sekali dan dijadikan contoh untuk semua pasangan muda-mudi yang sedang jatuh cinta!

Create Your Own Matryoshka!


We decided to change a little bit the terms of our contest in order more children have an opportunity to take their part in it. We know that all of them are incredibly creative and imaginative people!

Matryoshka Style


More and more people want to be a part of Matryoshka life. That is why the world famous "EllE" magazine put an article about our Matryoshka shop in their edition.

All we need is LOVE!


Let’s prolong St. Valentine’s Day a little bit more!

We Are Getting More And More Popular!


On the eve of the St. Valentine’s Day our shop became the target for the shooting team of Browniess show on the Trans 7 channel. This show is for young people who are very active, want to know a lot and don’t want to be usual.

Contest! Matryoshka for Valentine's Day!


You know, everybody loves a neat Valentine's Day gift idea. How about to try writing your love note to your valentine on these nesting dolls?! Everybody loves a memorable love note! These little nesting dolls can sure help you make an impression!

Balalaika Show. Part II


Another day – another action! Always amazing, bright, colorful, emotional, juicy and vivid, full of energy and positive vibration our Balalaika once again appeared in Gandaria City Mall on 23 of January! But this time the show was dedicated to Chinese New Year. To celebrate this day we were not only having fun with Balalaika, but also were presenting mandarins to visitors of our shop.

Balalaika Show in our shop


This Sunday (22.01.2012) in our shop there was a Balalaika Show. There were a lot of interesting and funny things. People listened to the Russian national instrument, many children and adults tried to play the balalaika. Even members of an Indonesian music group found out that they want to use the balalaika in there music. Children watched Russian cartoons, took pictures with the musicians and the unique Matryoshka dolls. Most children liked Matryoshka dolls with pictures from Russian folk tales.