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Our Clients
11 August 2014

All souvenirs are nice and of good quality, i bought interesting presents for my more

Sam Sam
11 August 2014
11 August 2014

It is a wonderful doll, i was fascinated by its colorful more

Alina Alina
11 August 2014
24 April 2014

These are most beautiful dolls, the shop in Bali is also very interesting and colorful. We love Russian Matryoshkaread more

Julia Julia
24 April 2014
Wonderful Russia
Matryoshka - Soul Of Russia

At one time or another, most of us have been fascinated with the colorfully painted matryoshka (ma-TRYOSH-ka; plural ma-TRYOSH-kee) or nesting dolls. They come in a variety of sizes, characters and number of dolls nested one inside the other. How did the matryoshka come to be and why?read more

Festival Film Muslim Internasional Ke-10 Ungkap Sisi Kehidupan Muslim di Dunia

Baru-baru ini, kota Kazan menyelenggarakan Festival Film Muslim Internasional ke-10. Festival tersebut ditujukan untuk menaikkan gengsi kota Kazan di mata dunia more

Matryoshka cruise around Russia.

Russia is the largest in the world and one can be sure that there are plenty places to visit in such a vast territory. Here we will introduce you with the most interesting places and routes in the European part of Russiaread more

The exhibition “Museum of Russian Matryoshka”

The exhibition “Museum of Russian Matryoshka” presents a large group of items of the 20th - 21st century from the Sergiev Posad Museum and private more

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Dear Friends!
We have the new competition and prizes coming due to sacred fasting month!



Fresh collection of Matryoshka dolls is waiting for you in our shops.

Please, Fasten your seatbelts!


An art exhibition commemorated to 2 meters high Matryoshka Dolls, which came from 83 regions of Russia, was held in Moscow.

Matryoshka Dolls from Korean Artist


The joint exhibition of artists from Russia and Asian countries was held during the festival of oriental cultures- rASIA in Moscow.

Dear friends!


Hi Everyone!! Finally we have winners of our “interesting photo” contest! And as we have promised before, the lucky winners will get amazing gifts from Matryoshka. So, here we would like to introduce you with the lucky ones who will bring our beautiful prizes back home!

Winners of “Interesting Photo” contest!!


Finally we have winners of our “interesting photo” contest!

Merry Christmas Everybody and a Happy New Year!


Merry Christmas Everybody and a Happy New Year! Wish you to be even more happy, lucky and positive in next year!

Holidays are coming


Happy Beginning of December – a month that full of holidays, presents, tasty treats, warm feelings and precious moments! Only several weeks left before one of the most wonderful holiday of the year! So we all have to hurry up and find best presents for people we care about!
And this year we prepared a lot of gifts and treats for you!

Funny Photo


It was a while since we’ve done any competition in Matryoshka. Probably it is too much competition in modern world, so I would like not to name it a competition, but as a friendly gesture of Matryoshka team to give away presents practically for free!

Easier to reach!


During the next 2 weeks Matryoshka is going to give an outstanding opportunity for those Matryoshka lovers who live in the region of Pasar Minggu and Cibubur!
During the period from 30th of September till 13th of October we are having 2 exhibitions!

Girls like Toys


This time you can enjoy the article about our dolls and our shop on the pages of online magazine Go Girl!