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Our Clients
24 April 2014

It's the most beautiful dolls, the shop on Bali also very interesting and colorful. We love russian Matryoshkaread more

Julia Julia
24 April 2014
24 March 2014

Matryoshka is really beatiful doll, I love it. Also there are good service and shop is amazing, Thanks!))))read more

Dorothy Dorothy
24 March 2014
04 February 2014

Matryoshka yang dari Rusia unik sekali. Semua keluarga saya suka boneka itu. Kami sedang menunggu pendapatan baru!read more

Aly Aly
04 February 2014
Wonderful Russia
Vladimir Putin Ucapkan Selamat Idul Fitri pada Umat Islam di Rusia

Pada Senin (28/7), umat Islam di Rusia melaksanakan salat Idul Fitri dengan khidmat di masjid-masjid Rusia. Mereka merayakan Idul Fitri yang menandai berakhirnya bulan suci Ramadhan.read more

Mengintip Sisi Psikologis Masyarakat Rusia Lewat Film Cult

Masyarakat Rusia gemar meniru karakter film favorit mereka, mulai dari perilaku, cara berpakaian, buku bacaan, hingga musik yang didengarkan. RBTH menyusun daftar film cult Rusia, film yang paling sukses memengaruhi sisi psikologis orang Rusia.read more

Rahasia Kuliner Kremlin

Mereka yang pernah mengikuti gala makan malam di Rusia pada masa komunis bisa dikatakan telah merasakan "komarinyye brovi v smetane" (alis mata nyamuk dalam krim asam), itulah kiasan hiperbola dalam bahasa Rusia. Para kaum elit Rusia selalu mengonsumsi makanan mewah, namun sebenarnya dapur Kremlin menghidangkan menu yang tak jauh berbeda dengan menu rakyat Rusia pada umumnya.read more


Fresh collection of Matryoshka dolls is waiting for you in our shops.read more

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Awarding event for the contest "Create Your Own Matryoshka"


On the 29 of April we had the final part of the contest “Create your own Matryoshka”. To my mind it was the most surprised one, because we kept in secret what would be the presents for the first 3 places. And I think we didn’t disappoint our small participants!

- l -

The 1st place was won by Dalen Darbec Anew who received the majority of votes. And he came to our event with all his family that supports him in this competition.

- ll -

The 2d place was won by Angelina Putri Kurniawan, which brought her small sister, who also will probably take a part in some of our future events.

- lll -

The 3d place was won by Yessa Tania, who in spite of the fact that she is only 4 years old, was posing for a camera like a real model.

For presents all children received big plane wooden dolls which they will paint themselves at home with their families or friends. Because the places were different children also received different books for painting and the Dalen Darbec Anew also received a wonderful book of Russian folk stories with beautiful pictures of talented Russian artists.

Hope all your creative children were happy with their gifts and will be taking part in our future contests! From myself I can add that the process of creation of children really differs from the same process of adults. As I’ve seen during this contest children were more opened, they were not following the rules, they were creating their own.  It is totally the spirit of our Matryoshka doll, so free and so positive!

We should repeat it someday, right?