In our shop you can find, first of all, the World No.1 Russian souvenir Matryoshka - the Russian nesting doll.

Matryoshka alone is enough to present Russia in its whole amazing beauty! At the same time for the special connoisseurs of the Russian folk creativity and beauty collectors we also have brought such nice and well  known all over the world products of the folk masters  as khokhloma tableware, Fedoskino miniatures, Zhostovsky painting, Pavlo-posadsky and Orenburg scarves, bast shoes, dolls, balalaikas – all the talented Russian people are famous for and proud of.

Welcome to our beautiful Matryoshka Shop and  we will greet  you with the fine Russian chocolate as well as  with the other Russian «delicacies» making your mouth water!

Exclusive goods.

Specially for those who always choose only the best, we have brought to Jakarta an exclusive 30-figures Russian nesting doll, and several Russian nesting dolls of 20, 15 and 10 figures of really unique work! Such works getting to a family are usually passed on from generation to generation, connecting the loving each other people for many years.

Though such unique products are man made  in Russia only by the special advance orders, we have still brought several samples to share with you the pleasure from admiring them live!