MATRYONA. The most Traditional & World #1!

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5 figures.

MATRYONA. The most traditional and popular Russian nesting doll in the world!

It has nearly no differences from the centenary great-grandmother! Dress, utensils and even its face expression will immediately tell you that this is the real Russian Woman – the keeper of the family hearth!

Russian nesting doll from Sergiev Posad with the chicken. Wood, Tempera, No lacquer. The original Sergiev-Posad style of painting. Height 17 cm.

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It's Interesting

In the nineties of XIX-th century A.Mamontova has brought to the Moscow toy workshop "Children's education" from Japan a figure of the good-natured bald old man - the wise man Fukurum. It was made as the small figures nested one in another. read more

In due time the Russian nesting dolls turned Sergiev Posad into the «toy capital». It happened before the revolution, but even today the skilled craftsmen can please us with the skillfully made toys. The known factory of toys produces the classical Zagorsk Russian nesting dolls, besides, there are a lot of the masters working in the city. read more